What do I know about change?

What do I know about change?
April 5, 2011 T

In our last visit, I made some pretty bold claims, “I know few people that have as much experience in the trials and tribulations of change… as me.”  Rest assured, I don’t feel for a moment like I have a corner on the market or anything.  It’s just that my experience has been less straight line and more pinball-like than most people I’ve encountered thus far.  For example, a little bit about me…

Currently, I’m working as a “Learning Strategy Consultant” (if you’re not quite sure what that is, no bother… no one seems to know.)  But some of the previous incarnations of this life that is me have included… university professor, manager at an insurance company, and “media production freelancer” (Read “roadie”… more on that later, much.)  Yes, they actually all do fit together… but not in a logical, straight-line kind of way.

I am in what is being call mid-life and live in suburban Middle America, after having lived in Hawaii, California and globally gallivanting whenever possible. Yes, I live in a semi-upscale suburb of a major metro-plex… but unlike most of my fellow inhabitants, I am single and am without offspring. (Leading to some “torches and pitchforks” –like scenes from the local “ladies who lunch.”)  I have a few degrees, (even a doctorate, somehow) but I’m the girl who couldn’t get out of high school.  Not an athletic, team-sports kind of girl, I have completed two marathons and one half marathon.  So change and growth and adventure is something in the reach of everyone of us.

So there is my case for being qualified to focus on the topic at hand… next, I will attempt to tackle what I plan to do about it.


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