Several years down the road

Several years down the road
July 6, 2016 T

So here we sit six years later and quite a ways down the road.  Many things have changed, several of the things I wanted to change have… several have been added to the list.. but somehow I am still on this journey to grow, evolve, learn… transistion.  And after all of these years two things have become incredibly clear to me.  One, the idea of creating a place for people to share their journeys, find resources to help them along the way, and receive support is still a burning drive for me.  And two, that I have come to believe that I will always be on a transistion to somewhere.  Not that I will never “arrive” but more that I have devoted my life to be and become more. And to clarify, I don’t mean in that “never good enough” way… I just never want to settle, or become stagnate, or fall into the rut/trap that this is all there is.  There is always more… to do, to be, to learn.  Even if sometimes the lesson to become more requires learning to do less. (Ponder that a bit… it is a theme that I am sure we will revisit often.)


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