Personal habits for change (Or what I do to help me along the journey)

Personal habits for change (Or what I do to help me along the journey)
November 29, 2017 T

I’ve often been asked what I actually “do” on a day to day basis to facilitate change in my life.  Honestly, there are many things I do… some regularly, and some only when I am in the throws of change. And of course, those things are dependent upon what kind of change, (how big, etc.) How much I’m fighting it, what areas of my life are involved or affected, what other things I have going on in my life, my bandwidth… the list goes on.  But I thought I would at least try to share the basics that I keep in place regularly, to maintain an openness to what’s possible all the time… and some of those things that I do when it’s a little harder, or crisis hits.


Here’s some of the things I do, your mileage may vary… and I’m always open to new ideas, so please, feel free to share what works for you, or has, or what you’re trying now, or hope to!


Daily Stuff:

Morning warm water w/lemon

Daily meditation

Take notice of my body throughout the day (I.e. Gripping the steering wheel.)

Daily workout of some kind

Eat healthy (but not in a state of deprivation/punishment)

Lots of water!

Turn off all screens a little while before bedtime

Read something inspirational (for me usually spiritual, not religious… and often just something that makes me think, or gives me new ideas.)


Off and on:

Listen to a guided meditation



As needed:





Creative expression

Massage or other bodywork

Pampering (pedicure, spa treatment, facial…. spa or home version)


Help others

Do absolutely nothing

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  1. Sally 6 years ago

    I agree with your list and do much the same. I would add listening to my mind also and the mood it’s taking me in. Sometimes music helps uplift me, at other times walking my dogs settles me. And checking in with my friends and/or loved ones created the balance I’m missing.

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