Independence Day it is…

Independence Day it is…
July 27, 2017 T
This is how it begins… that little itch in the back of your mind, or your heart, or somewhere that just won’t go away. The one that tells you it’s time to do something different. It’s time to make a change. It’s time for something more, (or less if your change is to embrace a minimalist lifestyle.) But no matter how many days, or weeks, or months, or years of distractions, good reasons, bills, family, meetings, excuses, laundry, work, excuses, pets, vacations, “downtime” and “being practical” go by… it’s still there.
And so this community is for me.
This tiny little grain of an idea came to me in 2010. I was at, yet another, fork in the road that is my life… and I thought, “Hey, wouldn’t it be great to have bunch of other people to talk to about making changes? Transitioning from the life I have now to the life I want to create? To share what inspires them? People that have done some stuff (big and small), have some experiences, have some stories to tell. Can kick me in the butt when I need it or offer me that handhold when I am stuck on that cliff wall above the ocean and don’t know how much longer I can hold on? People that I can offer the same to? A community of fellow travelers navigating through changes and life?” (And yes, I do tend to have some rambling and run-on in my head.) Yes, I thought it would be a great thing… but after a few minor forays, I was easily able to brush it aside. Or so I thought.
So here I sit seven years later with the unabashed need to make this happen. Not just for me, and certainly not because I myself as some sort of answer for you. It is really just time to create this change… I can’t run from it anymore, I can’t hide from it, it’s just time. So today I am offering this germ of an idea its independence, to grow into whatever it may become. And I will go along for the ride, wherever that may take me.
What are those things that you want to change? Dreams you want to chase? Changes that you have made in your life, your being? What are those little itches that won’t go away for you? What has worked for you? What didn’t? What are your stories? Please, tell me your Tales from the Transition.


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