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    Change and rewiring the brain

    You want to do something differently.  A new job, lose a few pounds, or many more than a few, rebound from a crisis, eat healthier, have better relationships, overcome grief, have a relationship, socialize more, read more, work out regularly, quit smoking… the list goes on and on of what changes we want, need, or have to make.  Why does…

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    Tools I’ve been using lately – Lovingkindness

    I’ve been asked about specific things I use or may do to smooth the rough road that change can be sometimes, or at least keep our little boat afloat.  If you’ve been playing along you know a bit about the journey of change that I am on.  At least as of today, I’m feeling pretty good, pretty hopeful, I see…

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    Getting caught in the identity trap

    I’m Toni and I am a Scorpio, an instructional designer, a roadie, a Divemaster, a photographer, a gardener, a daughter, a Master of Arts, a surfer, a swimmer, a sister, a friend, a home-owner, a weight-lifter, a writer, a reader, a videographer, a university professor, a Doctor of Education, a scuba diver, a parasailer, a skydiver, a dog lover, a…


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