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    Realizations Along the Road

    Well, I’d promised to share how I was going to have more of what worked for me in 2018 in 2019… but as usual, life had other plans. (I will get to the other, I promise… just not today, not right now, not as of this writing.) Because I am on another plane, off to another city, again… for another…

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    What To Do More of in 2019!

    After doing the year-end review that I talked about instead of the typical resolutions thing, I’m pretty pleased with where I have landed… so far anyway! I am very pleased to say that as I went through my calendar and the weeks of 2018, even though it felt like such a rough one, I quickly had many more items…

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    Not to Do in 2019

    As promised, I spent some time reviewing last year for what was good and what was, well… not so good? Less than good? Down right sucky? I’m starting there because the list of my “not to dos” made themselves crystal clear pretty darn quickly. Which surprised me, because when I made my list there was a WHOLE lot…


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