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    The Magic of Tidying Up – People Edition

    Well a lot has happened as of late… bringing up a million lessons along the way. (Which I promise to share as time and sanity allow.) But as I am currently trapped on yet another plane, there is no time like the present. First, the good news… I recently accepted an incredible job offer from one of the top companies…

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    More of… in 2019!

    Something about being up in the sky in a metal tube of death (sort of always my thought, but I learned that it’s what pilots call them too!) makes me want to write.  I’ve often thought it was because I am literally suspended between my life and whatever adventure or destination I’m experiencing. Somehow, I get perspective that I don’t…

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    Realizations Along the Road

    Well, I’d promised to share how I was going to have more of what worked for me in 2018 in 2019… but as usual, life had other plans. (I will get to the other, I promise… just not today, not right now, not as of this writing.) Because I am on another plane, off to another city, again… for another…


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