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    Things that happen when you least expect it!

    So, it has been beyond “awhile.” Too much has been happening, now it’s time to catch up… both with you, and with myself… and with all the changes that have occurred or are in the process of occurring. The only question left is, where to start? As I mentioned in the last post, there has been a…

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    The Magic of Tidying Up – People Edition

    Well a lot has happened as of late… bringing up a million lessons along the way. (Which I promise to share as time and sanity allow.) But as I am currently trapped on yet another plane, there is no time like the present. First, the good news… I recently accepted an incredible job offer from one of…

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    More of… in 2019!

    Something about being up in the sky in a metal tube of death (sort of always my thought, but I learned that it’s what pilots call them too!) makes me want to write.  I’ve often thought it was because I am literally suspended between my life and whatever adventure or destination I’m experiencing. Somehow, I get perspective…