Adventures in dating…

Adventures in dating…
April 17, 2011 T

A quick update on the “adventures in dating” portion of our program…

At this point my profile has been active for 12 days… according to the stats, it has been viewed 1057 times (can I say “wow”?) There are 37 emails in the inbox, from approximately  a dozen men, all but three of which are completely inappropriate.  Including one that became verbally abusive after I politely declined to give him my number after one email… (Bullet dodged… check!) The majority of these emails were exchanged with a very interesting man that at this point has all of my right answers… to the point that I am left wondering exactly when he will tell me that he suddenly has to go to Nigeria to build log cabins for the poor. (Have I really become that jaded? And is that really such a bad thing at this point?)  Or find out that he swings from bell towers.  Or, horrors of horrors, is exactly as he appears to be.  Hmmm… something to contemplate.

I could have at least some of the answers to these questions as early as this weekend… yes, a casual meeting has been suggested… yes, a date!  Causing me to realize that this is the first actual date I’ve been asked out on in over two years. (Is that really correct? Is that possible? Egad! It really is!!)

That being duly noted, I am horribly out of practice with this dating thing… and as I discussed with a close guy-friend that knows me all-too-well… I am fully expecting to make an ass of myself.  His supportive response and advice? “Yes, you will… might as well enjoy it.”

I realized he has a valuable point… those few, close, dear friends, that know and love me have all seen me make an ass of myself (part of my charm they claim… yes, I realize they are just being kind, but that is why I love them!)  They love me not in spite of that, but because of it… and I really shouldn’t want, need, expect, or settle for less than that with any man I may want to date.  So here’s to the possibility of a first date, getting back into the dating swing… and making an ass of myself.

As always-dear readers, I will keep you posted as this story develops and any hilarity that may ensue.

And you? How have you handled the transition into the dating world? Or lack thereof?


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